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About us

1Gloowen (1Faith) is a network that exists to help churches and organizations to expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Low German speaking people around the world.

1. Actively and intentionally reaching out to Low German (LG) Mennonites who have not been reached with a clear teaching of salvation, sharing the Gospel message through formal teaching and everyday relationships.


2. Partnering with the Steinreich Bibelschule (SBS), in sharing the development and training of workers for LG Outreach.




1. Christ-Centered: The person and work of Jesus Christ is central to how we interact with each other and how we lead in the local church. Our focus is Jesus Christ and the freedom found only in Him.


2. Holy Spirit-led: We commit to the leading of the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Word of God and the Son of God to transform the church of God. We strive to rely completely upon the Spirit of God to call workers to His Harvest (Luke 10:2).


3. Mission-Focused: We exist to make disciples. Jesus sent the church to make disciples of all nations, which includes the Low German speaking people of the world. The local church is the on-going training center where believers are encouraged and inspired to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are separated from God.

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